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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I'm having trouble logging in with my username and password. I forgot what my account details were.
Please go to We will send you your username and password to the email address on file.

How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?
You can login to your account HERE using your username and password and make changes or cancel your subscription. If you do not have your username and password, you can go HERE to request them.

How do I download my BONUS eBooks?
After logging into your account you can download the BONUS eBooks in PDF format.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We take Visa and Mastercard credit card payments through our secure website checkout page. We do not accept Discover or American Express.

Are there any other ways to pay for membership other than through the website?
No. At this time we only accept Visa and Mastercard payments through our secure online checkout process.

What is your refund policy?
We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take a look at what we have to offer, get all the event details you need. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund your payment - no questions asked.

How do I apply for the ____________ show? How can I get more information on a particular event?
You can contact each show promoter directly to find out their requirements for applying. Full members can view the event promoters contact details on our site. does not run any particular show, we simply supply the information regarding time, dates and other information related to each event.

I attended the ____________ show. I am looking for the vendor that sold ____________. Can you help me locate that vendor because I would like to buy their product?
Unfortunately, we don't carry vendor lists for any particular show. Your best bet is contacting the event promoter directly and see if they have a vendor list on hand or if the vendors are listed on their website.

How can I renew my account?
You can renew your account by logging in to your account and clicking the resubscribe button.

How can I add my festival to your calendar of events?
You can send us your full event details, by clicking HERE.

Can you please send me more information on the (event name) event?
Only active members can view our event details. If you are not a member, please sign up HERE.

I'm a crafter/vendor/musician and would like to find out more information about attending fairs and festivals in .
You can view our full event details by signing up to be a member by clicking HERE. You can then contact the event promoter directly for any further details. We are only providers of information and do not run any events ourselves.

Do you have a physical copy of your fairs and festivals guide?
We only provide our full information through our website at this time.

I am an active member and there is very little information listed about an event.
In virtually all events details there will be a contact number or a website for more information. We will post whatever information we research or whatever information the event promoter has provided. Some are very detailed and some are basic.

How can I upgrade my membership from trial to 6 months?
Trial membership converts to a 6 a month recurring subscription after 30 days. No obligations - you may cancel at any time.

I am a paid member and cannot access any of the information - it only shows a "locked" symbol when I go to view event details.
You are seeing the "restricted results" of a search. Go to the home page, click on "Your Account" and log in. Make sure you are logged in BEFORE attempting any search. Any search done before logging in will show "restricted results". If you log in AFTER doing a search, the search results are still restricted. Make sure you do a new search after logging in.

I called the phone number listed and the event has been canceled and/or the event details have changed.
Due to the number of events we list nationwide, we do not verify promoter credentials or event listing details accuracy. Contact an event's promoter before making plans! When event details are submitted to our site, we cannot guarantee their accuracy or that a promoter is not entering misleading attendances or advertising statements, etc. Nor do we verify that the event is 'good' for sales. Every submitted listing is posted and made available here.

How can I access your event listing database for all 50 states?
Please go to to access our nationwide database of events.

How do I update my billing information?
Please go to

What is the cost of membership to
The cost of membership is FREE for a 30 day trial and then $34.97 for 6 months auto-renewal. Signup Here.

I just submitted my event to be added to your list. How long does it take for my event to show up on your website?
It can take up to 48-72 hours for you event to be approved and listed within our database.